Macaulay Culkin

By Amy Kaufman, Los Angeles Times In summer 2010, young actors have been popping up everywhere on the big screen, showcasing a series of strikingly naturalistic and evocative performances. But growing up in Hollywood has never been easy, as is evidenced by the complicated legacies of stars such as Judy Garland and Robert Blake. In this photo gallery, we take a look back at some of the most memorable child actors from the last two decades and see what they're up to nowadays. Then: Let's start with Macaulay Culkin, who rose to fame in 1990 when "Home Alone" (pictured) -- the movie about a kid whose parents accidentally left him at home when they went on vacation -- became a box-office hit. He later starred in a sequel to that movie, as well as in "My Girl," in which he played a young boy who died after being stung by bees. Related: - Child star in the making: 'The Switch's' Thomas Robinson is among several youths this summer joining a group that's had a bumpy history in Hollywood. 'We're kind of just rolling with it,' says mom Rachel Robinson.
Don Smetzer / 20th Century Fox
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