Oscar hosts: Anne Hathaway's projects

There's a strange lack of funny in this year's Academy Awards hosts: Sure, James Franco may be pulling one over on everyone with some of his more fringe projects ("Three's Company, the Drama," anyone?), and yes, Anne Hathaway has been amusing in films like "The Devil Wears Prada." But the last time the Oscars went on without a straight-up comedian in the hosting ranks was 1973 — and you know how that turned out: A streaker took the stage! So perhaps there is a hidden master plan from the lead actor nominee (Franco) and the youngest-ever host (Hathaway). Well, one can hope. No matter what happens, though, it won't hurt their bustling careers. Each has been extraordinarily busy lately. Here is just a taste of the projects that have kept Hathaway hopping in recent months. -- Randee Dawn Related: James Franco: Busy 127 hours a day
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