Axl Rose vs. Jon Bon Jovi

Don't confuse Axl Rose with Jon Bon Jovi. At a 1987 show opening for Alice Cooper, Axl Rose took the stage and let the fans know -- in language not suitable for a family newspaper -- that Bon Jovi could feast on one of his choice body parts. The speech has become known as Axl's Blues. The Guns N' Roses rocker was apparently airing out anger over an incident that occurred at a hotel the night before when an brawl resulted in his unnamed opponent calling him Bon Jovi. In 2006, Bon Jovi criticized the amount of media attention Rose still received because he "hadn't made a record in 13 years," calling him a "freak show" and "recluse."
Left: Axl Rose. Credit: S.I.N. / Corbis. Right, Jon Bon Jovi. Credit: Paul Morse / For the Times
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