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'Bachelor in Paradise'? Not so much for Grant and Lace, who have split

 (Richard Harbaugh / ABC)
(Richard Harbaugh / ABC)

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, the high-strung couple known as "Grace" on the most recent "Bachelor in Paradise," are affianced no more, according to "Entertainment Tonight.

"We have so much love for each other, and it’s weird because the chemistry is there," Morris said, "and I’m thinking, ‘Why can’t we make this work?’"

"Issues" were part of what pumped up the drama between the two before they got engaged on the most recent incarnation of "BIP." That and the matching wrist tattoos.

Their post-"Paradise" adventures have included an appearance on "Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?" in which Grant had to lead a blindfolded and terrified Lace through a relationship-retreat high-wire ropes course. 

(Because reality TV makes for a totally normal relationship experience. Also, on "Happily Ever After?," "Bachelor" Ben Higgins is still talking about his fear of being unlovable -- only now he's doing it in couples counseling. Turns out it goes all the way back to when he was in second grade.)

“I think the odds are definitely against us,” Grant told "ET." “But I know the person that she is. That’s the person I wanted to marry.”

Lace moved out of their San Francisco place a few days ago and is back in Denver. 

“We both have our issues we need to work on," she said, "and we can’t really give each other what we need at this time."

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