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'Dude, let it go,' an exasperated Seth Meyers tells President Trump

New developments surrounding the Trump administration's dealings with James Comey, Michael Flynn and Russia have been relentless over the last few days.

It's the sort of quickly evolving story that's difficult to capture in a single article, much less a single late-night segment, but Seth Meyers gave it a shot in Wednesday night's "A Closer Look."

"The Trump White House is like the guy who tries to get out of a speeding ticket by punching the cop," Meyers said, referring to Comey's memo on Trump asking him to close the investigation of Flynn, his former national security advisor.

Comey's memos offered a paper trail of conversation between the former FBI director and Trump, which Meyers reminded viewers included further discussion of the crowd size at the inauguration. "Oh my God. Dude, let it go," an exasperated Meyers responded, his head in his hands.

The segment also touched on Trump's comments about the scandal during the U.S. Coast Guard Academy's commencement, and the talk growing around Washington that Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice when he spoke to Comey, which may lead to his impeachment.

Meyers then looked to the many news networks that were trying to find someone in Trump's Republican Party to comment as the controversy broke, but to no avail.

"Even Fox News can't get Republicans to come on," Meyers said. "That's like E! not being able to book a Kardashian."

Watch the clip above.

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