Hero Complex: Digital/Nondigital

Digital: Mimobot character flash drives, $22.95 and up, available at Mimoco.com Tech-savvy comics fans will love Mimoco's adorable, pocket-sized USB flash drives disguised as characters from DC Comics, "Transformers" and "Star Wars." The Mimobot designer drives come with memory capabilities ranging from 2GB to 64GB, but their real charm lies in the details. The Darth Vader Mimobot comes with a removable cap that looks like the villain's shiny black helmet and conceals his battle-scarred face; the Han Solo Mimobot can come packaged with a key chain carrying case resembling his carbonite prison from "The Empire Strikes Back." Nondigital: Star Trek salt and pepper shaker set, $13.99, available at Amazon.com; USS Enterprise pizza cutter, $29.99, available at ThinkGeek.com If you know a Trekkie (or Trekker or, uh, a Klingon), a Spock and Capt. Kirk salt and pepper shaker set is the totally logical way to spice up a Starfleet kitchen. The set of ceramic figures is just under 5 inches tall and has little magnets that keep them shoulder to shoulder, just the way "Star Trek" godfather Gene Roddenberry would have wanted it. What could be better? Possibly the USS Enterprise pizza cutter because 1) it cuts pizza and 2) it's shaped like the USS Enterprise. -- Noelene Clark and Geoff Boucher
Mimoco.com; Westland Giftware; Think Geek
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