Jazz: Digital/Nondigital

Digital: The History of Jazz iPad app, 955 Dreams. $9.99, available at the iTunes store. http://www.955dreams.com/ The rich narrative of jazz takes on a new life with the intricate iPad app, The History of Jazz. The hands-on journey through jazz's timeline comes with elegantly scrolling and keyboard-inspired design. Offering pages dedicated to such legends as Chet Baker, Charles Mingus and Bill Evans, the app also doesn't skimp on audio and video. With its impossible task of touching on all the key figures in a great American art form there's ample room for outrage. Pick your favorite slights and omissions and argue with friends — it's far better holiday fun than another round of Angry Birds. Nondigital: Friend or Foe Clothing, http://www.yourfriendorfoe.com/ $45-$34.99 (enter promo code FOFLAT for 20% off) Similarly inspired to bring the iconic history of jazz into a coolly modern context, the L.A.-based clothing company Friend or Foe offers a different kind of soft wear for jazz fans. This eclectic lineup of stylish, slim-fitting T-shirts taps memorable record covers from the Fantasy, Prestige and Blue Note catalogs, focusing on albums by Ornette Coleman, Thelonious Monk and Lee Morgan. Longtime music fans and fashionable design geeks alike will be tempted by the colorful, subtly updated prints. The only thing better than how these shirts look is how they sound. -- Chris Barton
955 Dreams; Los Angeles Times
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