Cindy (Rachel Bilson)

"The twist of Rachel Bilson's character Cindy having become a lesbian since we last saw her -- Season 5, in our 100th episode -- definitely started to leak out before we wanted it to. Why this twist? We really just wanted to see a big romantic kiss in our Season 6 premiere. We just knew it wasn't going to be for Ted! … She'’s Ted's most direct link to The Mother, being her roommate and all. Yes, we could definitely wind up seeing Rachel Bilson again, absolutely. She’'s still Ted's closest degree of separation to The Mother, and it adds suspense, having her out there for Ted to run into again someday." And he does. In Season 8, Ted recruits Cindy to help him find the perfect band for Barney and Robin's wedding. She refers him to her roommate, who, by the end of the season, we glimpse buying a ticket to the Farhampton nuptials.
Cliff Lipson / CBS
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