SAG Awards 2013: Let there be speeches -- or not

Tommy Lee Jones had the flu and didn't show up to the Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday night. He should have tanked up on Emergen-C and made the trip. Jones won the male actor in a supporting role prize for playing an abolitionist lawmaker in "Lincoln," allowing the oft-terse actor to somehow be even less loquacious. In a show with few notable stage moments, perhaps the most conspicuous speech was the one Jones didn't give. The absence made for an awkward moment near the top of the SAG Awards, and it wasn't the only eyebrow-raiser of the TBS broadcast. In a show notorious for union-thumping and guild genuflection -- "my brothers and sisters," as Daniel Day-Lewis put it -- several incidents seemed likely to elicit groans. Full story: SAG Awards 2013: The big moments, from Fey quips to Lawrence rippage

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Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times
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