Screaming Females, Jan. 17 (The Echoplex)

When it comes to wielding the guitar, few in indie rock can do it with the ferocity of Marissa Paternoster. Intricately powerful, Paternoster's shredding is precise and intense, and she hasn't even turned 25. Also, her vocals have yet to be discussed here, and they too can tap a range of frequencies, from grab-the-listener-by-the-neck howls to calming rides of the melody. The tension, meanwhile, is built by her bandmates, who are always racing to catch her. Screaming Females will appear Jan. 17 at the Echoplex, 1154 Glendale Blvd. All ages. Tickets are $8 if bought in advance.
Screaming Females / FleetTeam Booking
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