George Clooney and Julianne Moore on why Hollywood stars shouldn't shut up about politics

George Clooney's friendship with former President Obama and high-profile fundraising for Hillary Clinton have made him one of the most visible targets for those on the right who feel liberal Hollywood celebrities should stay out of politics. And of course there are the rumors that Clooney is interested in running for office himself.

Clooney has repeatedly said he's not looking for a career change, but at the Toronto International Film Festival, where his new film "Suburbicon" is screening, he made it clear that he won't stop speaking out about the political issues he cares about. 

"Just because I have a SAG card doesn't mean I have to keep quiet about the things I believe in," Clooney said at the L.A. Times Studio in Toronto, and then added, "or a DGA card."

"Oh, OK, pull that one out," said Julianne Moore, one of the stars of "Suburbicon," the sixth film Clooney has directed.  

"Yeah, I threw the big one out," the actor-director admitted.

Teasing aside, Moore and Clooney talked seriously with The Times' Amy Kaufman about why they feel so strongly about having a say in issues of the day.

Clooney's interest in politics goes back to when he was a teenager: "[When] I was 15 years old, I was working on a gubernatorial campaign in Kentucky. I believe in social responsibility and being involved."

Moore said her motivation to speak out goes back to the founding principles of this country. "This is government for the people and by the people," she said. "And if it's going to work, we all have to be involved and we all have to speak out about what's important to us."

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