How overtime has made L.A.'s port pilots the city's best paid employees, averaging $450,000 a year

Tyler Perry and Winona Ryder

-- Compiled by Emily Christianson, Denise Martin, Jevon Phillips and Lora Victorio Winona Ryder has a thing for Vulcans? Who knew? The veteran actress has a cameo in the "Star Trek" reboot as Spock's human mother, and she's not the only surprising face to pop up in the latest journey into the "Trek" universe. All-around filmmaking entrepreneur Tyler Perry also has a cameo, appearing as Starfleet's Adm. Richard Barnett. But get ready to set your phasers on stun. Plenty of well-known actors have come into contact with the journeys of the USS Enterprise, including Kim Cattrall, Kirstie Alley and Christian Slater. Bonus: You don't have to time travel to find out who -- just keep clicking.Getty Images