Paul Walker: The bare bods of Walker and Jessica Alba made "Into the Blue" nice to look at, but the movie didn't generate as much heat as you'd think. Stalled Vin Diesel: In this family comedy, the actor explored the softer side of a U.S. Navy SEAL lieutenant who reluctantly babysits in "The Pacifier." Audiences preferred the explosions. Wipeout Michelle Rodriguez: Continuing her video game adaptation romp, Rodriguez co-starred in "BloodRayne." But it was her turn as the mysterious Ana Lucia Cortez on ABC's "Lost" that had people talking. High gear Jordana Brewster: As the title character in "Nearing Grace," Brewster played a sexy, rich young lady who liked having her way with Henry Nearing (Gregory Smith), a young guy just trying to figure it out. Not many saw or enjoyed it, and Slant Magazine giving it one and a half stars. Wipeout
Mario Perez / ABC
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