Kevin McHale

Where you may have seen him: HBO's "True Blood," Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101" and the boy band NLT (Not Like Them) Character: Arty Kevin on Arty: “He’s a nerd but he thinks he’s cool. He didn’t get the memo that he’s not very cool. And he can’t walk. He’s in a wheelchair. But he forgets he’s in a wheelchair because he still does all the dances and everything. They work around the wheelchair. I might bump into people, but it becomes very integrated. It’s just like having legs, I forget about it.” On his biggest challenge: “The wheelchair, because I dance. It’s hard for me not to move my legs. I’ve always danced. [McHale belonged to the boy band NLT (Not Like Them).] So it’s weird for me not to be dancing. We were doing the pilot and we were doing the big finale scene, 'Don’t Stop Believin’' and they were like, 'Kevin, can you please stop moving your legs to the beat?' Everybody’s singing and dancing and I’m trying not to move and it’s the hardest thing. I have to tense my legs up.”
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