Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel

Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel When it opened in 1925, the Knickerbocker was a luxury apartment building, only later to become a hotel. Valentino — yet again! — was a frequent guest who loved to tango to the live music performed there. D.W. Griffith died of a stroke in the lobby in 1948, and in 1962 famed costume designer Irene committed suicide at the hotel. Besides the spirit of Valentino, Marilyn Monroe has also been seen in the women’s room. Sometimes Valentino has even been seen accompanying Monroe. The Knickerbocker was also the location of the famous Halloween seances the wife of Harry Houdini held for 10 years after his death. And speaking of Houdini, the famed magician’s Laurel Canyon home went up in flames some 50 years after his death. But Houdini’s spirit wasn’t willing to leave the area where he has been seen wandering the area of his former house.
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