On my TiVo - Eli Attie

Eli Attie, co-executive producer, 'House' “I must say, I'm out of scripted shows, so I've begun TiVo-ing what you might call perennials -- I comb through Turner Classic Movies hoping to catch a great old Bogart or Cary Grant movie. I've been obsessively watching the VH1 Classic 'Classic Albums' documentaries, and I'm spending much more time watching the Sunday political shows than I used to. In fact, in general, the dregs of my TiVo -- things, like the Sunday political talk shows and 'Charlie Rose' -- which I really just TiVo to pretend I'm an East Coast intellectual and not feel too guilty about the stuff I really watch -- is actually getting watched now.” (Pictured: Humphrey Bogart and Robert Blake in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" )
Courtesy of LACMA
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