The Italian Job

'The Italian Job' Michael Caine and Noel Coward headlined the delightful 1969 robbery flick. And the 2003 remake -- though incredibly ramped up in terms of stunts and cast -- is also solid entertainment. Director F. Gary Gray keeps the action moving at breakneck speed from the canals of Venice to the Alps to Los Angeles. The action revolves around $35 million in gold bars that are snatched from a safe in a Venetian palazzo by criminal mastermind Donald Sutherland and his crew including Mark Wahlberg, Seth Green, Edward Norton, Jason Statham and Mos Def. Along the way there is a betrayal and murder. When the action shifts to the City of Angels, Sutherland is dead and the gold has been lost. To get it back, they hire Sutherland's safe-cracking daughter, played by Charlize Theron, to help them. The highlight is the Mini Cooper chase sequence through the streets -- and subways -- of Los Angeles.
Claudette Barius / Paramount Pictures
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