Last moments are bittersweet in the filming of 'ER' By Maria Elena Fernandez It was the last day that many of the doctors, nurses and other hospital favorites would work on an "ER" scene together. The routine shift change at the nurse's station, part of Thursday's two-hour finale that will bring the NBC show to a close after 15 seasons, called for 150 actors, crew members and extras and bustled with the energy that fans have loved over the years. Scott Grimes sang and cracked jokes, sometimes flubbing his lines to the dismay (or was it amusement?) of director Rod Holcomb, who also commanded the pilot. Noah Wyle quietly did wheelies in a wheelchair, waiting to step in. David Lyons concentrated on his 67 rapid-fire words of dialogue, mostly medical mumbo jumbo. John Stamos looked forward to delivering his one line so that he could leave. Angela Bassett felt "a little sentimental" observing the organized commotion
Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times
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