Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris

Chuckabee! Republican candidates are always at a bit of a loss when it comes to harnessing Hollywood's star power for their campaigns. While John McCain had Jon Voight, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Obama had a whole roster of stars to attend his rallies and get out the vote. Which is why former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee must have thanked his lucky stars when Chuck Norris signed on to help promote his campaign during the primaries. The former pastor and the beloved martial arts movie star were so simpatico that some in the media melded them a la Brangelina. Unfortunately, even the power of Chuck wasn't enough to propel Huckabee on to the GOP nomination. But there's always 2012, and as those who read "Chuck Norris Facts" know by know, Chuck Norris doesn't campaign, he decides for you.
Pat Sullivan / Associated Press
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