The expanded "Star Wars" universe

By Patrick Kevin Day and Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers George Lucas may not have much interest in expanding his "Star Wars" adventures beyond the Ewok-party ending of "Return of the Jedi," but that hasn't stopped others from doing the work for him. Since 1978, the so-called "Expanded Universe" has been expanding in fits and starts, filling in the gaps before, during and after the six films that are part of the official "Star Wars" canon. The additional novels, video games, comic books and TV specials have become so complex in their expanded vision of Lucas' initial vision that Lucasfilm has even subdivided them into varying levels of importance. (G-canon -- the movies -- takes precedence over C-canon -- most of the novels, except for those novels that are considered N-canon.) Got it? To help further simplify the process for those with limited resources, we present a short summary of the essential books, specials and games that could be considered more essential than the rest. Or at least have had some effect on the primary movies.
Chris Pizzello / Associated Press
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