William Shatner, Youtube.com

SHATNER 8.0 It's heartening that the endless and variegated career of the 77-year-old William Shatner has made its way onto YouTube, a place where no star has profited before. But Bill has never been afraid to try new things. Whether it was doing a spoken-word album in the '60s, producing sci-fi novels in the '80s and '90s or being the face of Priceline.com since 1997, he has continually found news places to be heard and seen. For several months now, Shatner has been posting quirky thoughts and riffs to his YouTube channel (YouTube.com/WilliamShatner). You can watch him sing to whales, comment on the look of the new starship Enterprise (from the upcoming J.J. Abrams "Star Trek" film) or castigate George Takei, a Star Trek costar from decades earlier, as a "psychotic" who "has been mean to me for a long time." How about that? How many other A-listers are willing to go on YouTube and post this kind of strange, semi-filtered and potentially embarrassing material? I salute you, Captain. -- David Sarno
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