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Fortune struck for these Syrian migrants, but can they make it in California?

Families that changed TV

By Mary McNamara, Television Critic In the beginning there was "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," white middle-class families reflected an advertising ideal as much as a demographic reality. Mom stayed home, Dad worked in the office, the kids got in the sort of trouble that could be solved by a quiet talk at the kitchen table. But even "Ozzie and Harriet" wasn't quite what it seemed -- the TV (and before that the radio) show was a solution to a very modern problem -- bandleader Ozzie Nelson and his singer wife Harriet needed a career shift that would give them regular hours and a way to raise their family. Over the years, TV dealt more overtly with the ever-changing definition of family. With its second family/gay family/nuclear family combo, "Modern Family" (with Eric Stonestreet, above) may be a hat trick, but it is just one of the ground-breakers that TV has seen over the years.Bob D'Amico / ABC