'True Lies'

In 1994's "True Lies" we have the case of the workaholic husband trying to make amends, with the responsibility for making a relationship work shifting squarely onto the man's shoulders. Jamie Lee Curtis' Helen is not a happy woman -- frustrated by a boring job and her computer salesman of a husband (Schwarzenegger): "If I want to fall asleep, I just ask Harry about his day." Harry's actually the spy who loves, and lies to, her. After a lot of James Bond-styled intrigue, a run-in with a terrorist faction that allows Cameron to blow up a lot of stuff, and the classic scene that required Helen to pretend she was a prostitute, it turns out Harry's most important mission is not national security, but to make sure that Helen's needs -- yes the woman has needs, professional, emotional, sexual -- are met.
Zade Rosenthal
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