By Ramie Becker, Denise Martin, Jevon Phillips, Todd Martens and Patrick Kevin Day Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement. Chris Gaines is not. Who? The country superstar assumed his new identity -- a bewigged and soul-patched rocker -- in 1999 as part of a multi-phase campaign to drum up enthusiasm for a feature film called "The Lamb" that was to star Brooks. He released one full album under his new guise, "The Life of Chris Gaines," appeared on "Saturday Night Live" and created a fake VH1 Behind the Music special. Fans seemed confused by the whole thing, and sales of the album were less than expected. "The Lamb" never got made, and Gaines hung up his wig forever. But Brooks isn't the only singer to lead a double life. Lots of other artists have assumed new identities on stage.
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