Katy Perry

Katy Perry: The pop-rock newcomer has already snared a Top 10 hit in the U.S. with "I Kissed a Girl," one of the leading singles from her sure-to-be-successful "One of the Boys," a glistening album full of the best session-musician guitar riffs money can buy, and a bevy of easy-to-quote, over-the-top lyrics. Grammy potential: Perry should be on pace for some prime nominations and is an early favorite to score a nom in the best new artist field. The media loves to talk to her and photograph her (the publication I work for has given her a story here, and another one over here, and a blog post over here, and another blog post over here, and hey, how about a photo gallery? That is over here). "One of the Boys" is also loaded with top-shelf industry producers, including Dr. Luke and Butch Walker (Avril Lavigne) and should be piped out of malls across America all summer. Grammy deserving: Not quite. Perry's debut is engineered to get in your head and stay there, and there are times this overly-produced album can wear you down. She'll begrudgingly win a smile on "Ur So Gay," a long overdue take-down of boys who think its acceptable to wear a scarf when snow isn't on the ground (it's not, obviously), but the oh-so-clever bluntness of the album is borderline shtick, and Perry misfires badly with the love-as-transaction rocker of "If You Can Afford Me."
Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times
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