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Christine O'Donnell wants her own way

Christine O'Donnell bolted in the middle of a "Piers Morgan Tonight" interview Wednesday after the host peppered her with gay marriage and abstinence questions. The irritated but media-savvy "tea party" leader asked," Don't you think as a host that if I say that's what I want to talk about that's what we should address?" referring to her book. The cheeky host replied, "Not really, no." Moments later O'Donnell split, leaving an overnight media blitz in her wake that continued through Friday. Appearing on the "Today" show, O'Donnell reiterated why she walked off. "It was, like I said, the very inappropriate, creepy line of questioning," she responded, alluding to Morgan's questions about masturbation, abstinence, lust -- all issues that came up during her U.S. Senate run. But it appeared that a question about gay marriage was the one that put her over the edge and the Twitterverse abuzz.
Rob Carr / Associated Press
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