"Captain Newman, M.D."

'Captain Newman, M.D.' In this compelling 1963 drama that is considered ahead of its time, Gregory Peck plays the sympathetic Capt. Newman, the head of the neuropsychiatric section at an Army base during World War II who tries to help the shell-shocked and psychologically traumatized soldiers. The good doctor also is battling with himself over the fact that if and when he cures his patients, they will be sent back into combat. Eddie Albert gives one of his best performances as Capt. Bliss, who is wracked by guilt for sending so many young men to their deaths. His despair leads him to commit suicide. Equally good is Bobby Darin, in his Oscar-nominated supporting actor turn as Cpl. Tompkins, who believes he is a coward for not being able to save his buddy from a burning plane.
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