Star Power ' High School Musical 3: Senior Year' To the tween set, their names are legend: Efron, Hudgens, Tisdale, Grabeel, Bleu, Stroh. Like the founding fathers, they need no last names -- their profiles are iconic and their voices are more familiar to fans than their own mother's. ' Saw V' "Saw" veterans Lyriq Bent, Costas Mandylor and Scott Patterson make comebacks. As does Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell. Julie Benz joins the cast. And that creepy Saw puppet is back. WINNER: Both are familiar faces within the boundaries of their respective film series, but only the HSM kids seem to have made the leap from the fantasy world onto the gossip websites. Tobin Bell may be a heckuva nice guy, but no one want to see his bikini pics up on TMZ.
John Bramley / Disney Enterprises
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