ON 'LOST': Garcia points to the pier that served as site for the second season finale showdown ON OAHU: Located on private property, the Waikane Pier is on the Windward side of the island along Kane'ohe Bay The day the cast shot the fateful second season finale (which ended with Michael's betrayal, the revelation that Ben Linus was the leader of the Others, and the kidnapping of Kate [ Evangeline Lilly], Sawyer [Josh Holloway], Jack [Matthew Fox] and Hurley), Garcia recalls everyone sitting on the pier, including M.C. Gainey, who played the menacing Other lieutenant, Tom. It turns out Tom isn't so menacing in real life: "No one's a better joke teller than M.C. Gainey. You can tell he's from New Orleans. His jokes usually featured characters from that region that spoke in that Cajun patois and it was pretty cool." It was also a significant day for another reason: Garcia thinks it was the first day he shot a scene with Michael Emerson, who plays Ben.
Jose Angel Castro / For The Times
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