'Journey to the Center of the Earth'

By Denise Martin, Special to the Times The family-friendly adaption of the Jules Verne tome “Journey to the Center of the Earth" is Hollywood’s first top-to-bottom, live-action 3-D feature. That means “quadrupling the difficulty of all the effects,” says director Eric Brevig. "But it's so worth it." Without giving much away, he says the monstrous fanged fish that appear to leap off the screen have caused early audiences to “jump in unison, duck out of the way, and grab total strangers sitting next to them.” It’s an important feat for Brevig, a first-time director who's spent most of his showbiz career working on visual effects; he’s earned Oscar recognition for his work on “Total Recall,” “Pearl Harbor” and “Hook." Here, he looks back on the effects that left him breathless.
Sebastien Raymond / New Line Cinema
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