BEST: Bela Karolyi. More Bela Karolyi.

BEST: Bela Karolyi. More Bela Karolyi. NBC didn’t have famed gymnastic coach Bela Karolyi doing play-by-play, but we sure wish he was. Sitting in the interview room with Bob Costas, Karolyi was a live wire, barely able to stay seated as he described someone’s routine, or lashed out at the judges. When he got really animated, his heavy accent could have used subtitles, but there was no mistaking the excitement Karolyi displayed for the games. Prior to Thursday night’s Nastia Liukin vs. Shawn Johnson showdown, Karolyi jumped as he described it as a battle of “beauty versus power,” and his brass sternness made us believe that the balance of the entire world was at stake.
Justin Maxon / Associated Press
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