BEST: Airline reading material for the Olympics

BEST: Airline reading material for the Olympics Thanks to the official Web page for United States gymnastics team, we’ve gleaned a bit of insight into the pop-culture choices of our competitors. One prime question put to our silver medal-winning women’s team was the choice of reading material for the flight to China. No one’s going to fault Shawn Johnson, balancing the inspirational ( Lance Armstrong’s “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life”) with the lighthearted (Marian Keyes” “Anybody Out There?”), but Nastia Luikin takes the gold here. She went completely nonsports with the first two books in Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series “Twilight.” It’s escapist fare, sure, but one of the more culturally relevant options. Any hey, Nastia, in case the Olympics don’t leave you with any time to finish the series, check out our handy “Twilight” primer.
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