BEST/WORST: Gymnastics Every Olympics we fall for you, gymnastics. Your fancy spins, your awe-inspiring midair twirls and your ballet-like maneuvers across a balance beam. But all you do is add a bunch of undue stress into our lives, gymnastics. And this year was no different. You maddeningly deny Alicia Sacramone a medal (see next slide), and then you relegate our agile idol Nastia Liukin to a silver medal, even though our Texas dynamo, pictured at left, was tied (TIED!) with He Kexin. You know what happens when you're tied? Sudden death. Another inning. An extra match. Or -- imagine this -- just a plain ol' tie-breaker. But no, gymnastics, you give us some convoluted computer-based system, one we're still struggling to understand, and one NBC commentator Bob Costas said felt like it was "pulled out of a hat." But you know what gymnastics? You just reminded us why we only pay attention to you every four years. So long. We're done with you, gymnastics. Don't bother trying to win us back with your light-speed moves on a pommel horse. We're on to you. Leave us alone ... until 2012 in London.
Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times
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