Breaking Dawn

R.I.P.: Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” book series Eulogy: The final chapter in Meyer's popular vampire love story, “Breaking Dawn,” divided "Twilight" fans between those who were happy to see – spoiler alert! – a most happy of endings for Bella and Edward, and those who were simply underwhelmed. But all are hoping for more from the author, who has said she'd be open to revisiting different characters in the "Twilight" world. Just don’t count on it any time soon. Meyer was unmistakably bummed over the reaction to the final book, and even stopped work on her unfinished manuscript “Midnight Sun,” a retelling of “Twilight” from Edward’s point of view. Will we miss it? Not yet. It’s tough to miss something that isn’t going away. With big-screen adaptations of “Twilight” sequels “New Moon” and “Eclipse” on the way, teenage girls will be swooning over vampires and werewolves for some time to come.
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