Rosie Live!

R.I.P.: TV's variety show format Eulogy: Even Rosie O’Donnell, possibly the genre's biggest fan, couldn’t bring it back. In fact, she may have just driven the final nail in its coffin with "Rosie Live!" -- an awkward musical special almost universally derided by the few who watched. Possibly more sad? “The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour,” starring then-married reality stars Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, was watched by 11.4 million viewers in 2004 -- more than double O'Donnell's take. Will we miss it? Those of us who still miss O'Donnell hosting her own talk show will, but it might be time to call it a day on reviving the variety show. Besides, isn't that we why have Jerry Springer and "America's Got Talent"?
Virginia Sherwood / NBC Universal
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