'Gilmore Girls'

Town: Stars Hollow, Conn. Local hangouts: Provided you keep off your cellphone, Luke's diner will let you eat and gab for hours. Plus, he makes good coffee. There are also snacks at Taylor's Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe and Doose's Market. If you need a nap after all that eating and talking, there's the newly restored Dragonfly Inn. Neighbors to know: The two Lorelei Gilmores are great to have around if you want to keep up with your pop culture references. Or rock out with Lane Kim and Zach Van Gerbig's band. Town history: We're not entirely sure what the town was like before the Gilmores entered, but we imagine it to be a tranquil place as quiet as a monastery.
Frank Ockenfels / The WB
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