If you liked "Up," keep an eye out for . . . "Despicable Me"

Pixar will offer up the latest installment in its Buzz Lightyear mega-franchise when it releases "Toy Story 3" on June 18. That movie will no doubt bring more magic and earn a gazillion dollars to boot. But for an animated film this summer with a more adult feel, the one to watch is Universal's "Despicable Me." The July 9 release, about a villain named Gru who plots to steal the moon, may play more like a straight comedy than the tender and sometimes melancholy "Up." But "Despicable Me" also has a heart, as three orphans hope to find a father figure in Gru. With comic talents Steve Carell, Jason Segel and Kristen Wiig voicing characters, it promises to keep adults entertained too.
Universal Pictures / Illumination Entertainment
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