Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The X Factor ' Star Wars: The Clone Wars' The “Star Wars” brand has taken a bit of a beating in recent years, but one can never discount the dedicated army of die-hard enthusiasts, (we’re talking the legions of fans who own their own Storm Trooper armor) who would show up to a Wal-Mart opening if George Lucas built it. ' Tropic Thunder' Taking a cue from Tarantino and Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse,” Stiller opens his Hollywood satire with a series of fake movie trailers that perfectly skewer Tinseltown’s current output. Gross-out comedies, pretentious period pieces and over-the-top action blockbusters aren’t spared. But will the same public that made these films box office hits understand what Stiller finds so distasteful about them? WINNER: Broadway director George S. Kaufman once described satire this way: “Satire is what closes on Saturday.” “Star Wars” has enough of a legacy behind it that it may be able to coast beyond “Tropic Thunder” on goodwill alone.
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