R.I.P.: The hope that Led Zeppelin would reunite

R.I.P.: The hope that Led Zeppelin would reunite Eulogy: In late December 2007, hard rock fans the world over were given hope. Led Zeppelin, the legendary ‘70s British band, would reunite for a benefit concert in London. A tour, perhaps, would be just around the corner. But just around the corner was little more than rumors -- until Robert Plant announced that he was not going to tour the world with his former bandmates. And then came word that the band may tour with a different singer replacing Plant. Sigh. Will we miss it? There’s no doubt a Led Zeppelin tour would be rake in the dough, but we won’t miss the high-priced concert tix that would have come with it. If Zeppelin does indeed go out with a new singer other than Plant, we will certainly miss the fond memories we have of the classic rockers.
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