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A documentary about Troll 2?  Really?  I didn't even know there was a Troll 1.  No matter, knowledge of either 'movie' is unnecessary to enjoy Best Worst Movie .  Simply, director Michael Paul Stephenson creates the gold standard for movies about movie lovers. 

Nearly 20 years ago, Michael Paul Stephenson was a hopeful child actor.  He got his big break when cast as the lead in a horror movie that was eventually titled Troll 2.  Faster than you can say 'goblin,' poor little Stephenson's career was over - as was the case with the rest of the cast associated with the movie.  Troll 2 was bad.  Real bad.  So bad, in fact, rates Troll 2 as the worst movie ever made.  Try living that down.

Best Worst Movie, created and directed by little Michael 18 years later, is about the discovery of an adoring audience for Troll 2, dubbed by some as the "Rocky Horror Picture Show for the Internet Age" and shines a light on what makes a bad movie so good.  A supreme pleasure of Best Worst Movie is seeing the depiction of the thriving local film communities around the country.  To see sold-out crowds for midnight Troll 2 screenings in towns big and small testifies to the ritualistic need and desire for the communal aspects of a movie theater and moviegoing.

While an entire film could've been made just from this aspect, Best Worst Movie gives us more.  Stephenson introduces us to George Hardy, a dentist in Utah who decided to give acting a try and landed the role of the "Dad" in Troll 2.  In real life, Hardy is riveting and such a force that it's hard to not immediately love this guy and root for him. 

Best Worst Movie has a road movie aspect to it as Stephenson and Hardy begin traveling around the country to recruit former cast members and to participate in midnight screenings of Troll 2.  What happens as they go from former cast mate to cast mate and from screening to screening, nobody could have expected.  The same is true of Best Worst Movie -- Nobody could have expected you could make a great film about a bad movie.

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Check back soon, Flick Chick will be interviewing Best Worst director, Michael Paul Stephenson!

Spring is in the air! 

In Austin, TX, March not only brings the annual ritual of Spring Break, but also that of South by Southwest.  Originally a week long music festival, SxSW has evolved into a two-week interactive, film and music extravaganza. 

The film festival kicks off Friday, March 13 and wraps up just as the music portion of the festival gets underway on the 20th.  While the film fest always has a healthy amount of 'marquee name' movies to world premiere, South by Southwest's real charm and claim to fame is its focus on independent filmmakers and locally-produced fare.

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