Edward Norton tapped to play Hulk.

Times Staff Writer

Call it "The Incredible Hulk" redux.

Edward Norton will star as Bruce Banner in Marvel Studios andUniversal Pictures second attempt in less than five years to make "TheIncredible Hulk."

The revised drama, directed by Louis Leterrier ("Transporter 2"),follows nuclear physicist Banner on the run from the law as he triesto correct the lab experiment that has turned him into a raging greenmonstrosity. The new story was written by Marvel regular Zak Penn("X-Men," "Fantastic Four" and "Elektra."

Four years ago Ang Lee directed a downbeat "Hulk" for Marvel andUniversal starring Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly. Lee's take on thegreen monster collected $245 million in worldwide box office in 2003,compared with Marvel's web-slinging hero "Spider-Man" a year earlier,which made $821 million worldwide in 2002.

Norton recently starred in the indies "The Illusionist" and "ThePainted Veil." The new "Hulk" is expected to go before cameras thissummer in Canada with mid-June 2008 release.

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