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'Paddington' is stuffed with family fun

Film critic Betsy Sharkey recommends 'Paddington,' 'an absolute delight'

If you've resisted the cheery enjoyment of "Paddington," thinking it merely a movie for kids, reconsider. Artful in its look and clever with its tale, it's been carefully constructed by writer-director-conjurer Paul King into an absolute delight. A big screen and dark theater only amp up the magical effect. The bear, brilliantly voiced by Ben Whishaw, is an animatronic marvel, making it easy to believe he has, indeed, made his way from darkest Peru to London's Paddington Station. There he's found, and taken home, by the Browns — uptight dad Henry (Hugh Bonneville), soft-hearted mom Mary (Sally Hawkins) and their kids, Judy (Madeleine Harris) and Jonathan (Samuel Joslin). There are perils to navigate for bear and Browns alike, from an nefarious taxidermist, played by an arch Nicole Kidman, obsessed with this particular furry "specimen" to plain old growing pains that the kids are going through. But everywhere there is comfort and fun to be found, thanks to a director who has, as the name tag around Paddington's neck requested, looked after this bear.

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