'Delusions of Guinevere' cautions on pitfalls of YouTube fame

Review: 'Delusions of Guinevere' a savvy, uneven satire on the risks of social media fame

An often-amusing cautionary tale about the perils of social media, "Delusions of Guinevere" is a savvy if uneven satire about a struggling 29-year-old actress whose career peaked two decades earlier.

Ariana Bernstein, also one of the film's co-writers, plays the delusional title character in question: an overweight former child star who seems destined to be forever known as "The Geleé Girl" from the popular gelatin dessert commercials she appeared in as a kid.

No longer willing to be subjected to humiliating auditions and even more humiliating "innovative theater stuff," she reinvents herself as a YouTube sensation with a little help from her friends, but that gambit for newfound fame comes at a price.

Director Joanna Bowzer employs a casually sardonic touch that serves the material well until a fateful plot point ultimately sends "Delusions of Guinevere" veering irreversibly off-course into darker, less rewarding terrain.

Despite that unsuccessful tonal shift, the comedy serves as a crisp calling card for Bernstein, an empathetic, spirited newcomer.


"Delusions of Guinevere"

MPAA rating: None.

Running time: 1 hour, 24 minutes.

Playing: Arena Cinema, Hollywood.

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