Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee wins Iowa caucus

By Patrick Day, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer "It's a new age of terror that requires a new breed of warrior.... The stakes are more than pride, more than honor, more than justice. Because they are fighting to save American lives." Is it a quote from a speech by George W. Bush? No, it's the narration from the trailer for Chuck Norris' 1986 anti-terrorist action-fest "The Delta Force." And if you're looking for some insight into Republican candidate Mike Huckabee's out-of-nowhere Iowa caucus victory, you only had to look at the bearded mug hovering over his shoulder during his victory speech. Many credit Norris' endorsement with helping to boost Huckabee to victory. But was it the man or his action hero persona that helped seal the deal? Assuming Iowans were responding to Norris' big screen alter-ego, we wondered what sort of political messages these "Chuckabee" voters were gleaning from the films. We found a few possibilities.
Tannen Maury / EPA
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