For the record: An earlier version of the essay question on this slide said that Heather Duke wore the red bow before Heather Chandler. As any real scholar of "Heathers" knows, it was Heather Chandler who wore the red bow first. The writer apologizes profusely for this mistake. ‘Heathers’ SparkNotes version: With the help of her new-to-town deranged boyfriend (Christian Slater) a popular girl (Winona Ryder) accidentally begins to kill off kids in her high school. If this were a class it would be: Classics — because you can’t consider yourself a high school film scholar without being well acquainted with this '80s classic. Essay question: Discuss the significance of the red bow worn first by Heather Chandler, and then by Heather Duke. Compare and contrast the bow with other symbols of power found throughout history. Final grade: A+ This is the definitive dark high school comedy movie. Nothing else even comes close.
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