Future projects

Staying away from stereotypes, Liam Hemsworth will be playing Ali Baba in the new "Arabian Nights" movie, starring Dwayne Johnson as Sinbad and Anthony Hopkins as Pharotu. The Aussie's new political thriller "Broken Run" is in the early stages of development too, with John Singleton on board to direct. Meanwhile, Josh Hutcherson is even busier. He's working the festival circuit with his indie thriller "Detention" and keeping busy by reprising his role in the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" franchise with Brendan Fraser. Of course, his "Red Dawn" remake, about teens protecting their town during an invasion, is getting a lot of buzz, and he's already been promoting the new anthology "7 Days in Havana." Winner: Hutcherson. He's dialed into the Hollywood scene, with plenty of work coming his way. Photo: Benicio del Toro and Josh Hutcherson. Del Toro is one of seven directors of the anthology "7 Days in Havana."
Javier Galeano / Associated Press
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