6. That creepy guy with the mustache who goes “yessssssssssss” is a caricature of the late character actor Frank Nelson, who used the inflected “yesssssssss” as his catchphrase on “I Love Lucy,” “The Jack Benny Program” and “Sanford and Son.” 7. Matt Groening’s last name is pronounced “Gray-ning,” not “Grow-ning.” 8. Dustin Hoffman guest-starred on the show as the inspirational substitute teacher Mr. Bergstorm in “Lisa’s Substitute” in Season 2, but because of contractual obligations he could not use his real name and was instead credited as Sam Etic (a play on “Semitic”). 9. Also because of contractual obligations, Michael Jackson, who supplied the voice of mental patient Leon Kompowski in “Stark Raving Dad,” was credited as “John Jay Smith.”
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