'Saving Mr. Banks'

Decade: 1960s Backdrop: On the lot at Walt Disney Studios, where Disney (Tom Hanks) himself tried to persuade the prickly British author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) to adapt her "Mary Poppins" books into a musical, plus a visit to Disneyland. Fashion: Rich wools and English tweeds for the staid Travers, in earthy tones such as olive, butterscotch and brown. Straightforward suits and ties for Disney and his underlings, in gray and navy. Language: Disney attempts to use his gregarious, avuncular, aw-shucks approach to overcome Travers' schoolmarmish stubbornness. There's more: As Disney did in real life, Hanks in the film wears a tie pin from the Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs.
Francois Duhamel / Disney
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