'Gone Girl' trailer: Ben Affleck a prime suspect in ominous new teaser

Till death do they part: Ben Affleck is under suspicion in the new 'Gone Girl' teaser

Nothing is what it seems at first glance in the eerie new trailer for "Gone Girl," starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

That handsome fellow over there? "I'm the guy to save you … from all this awesomeness," he says with a sly smirk. What exactly does Nick Dunne (Affleck) mean, and what are his intentions? Those questions are at the center of the David Fincher-directed mystery, which Gillian Flynn adapted for the screen from her own best-selling novel.

"Gone Girl" finds Nick in the midst of a police investigation and a media firestorm when his wife, Amy (Pike), disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary. He soon emerges as the prime suspect, and cracks begin to appear in the facade of Nick and Amy's perfect marriage. Nick doesn't seem to know much about his wife — who her friends are, what her blood type is — and recently bumped up her life insurance policy.

But Amy is a mystery herself. She told Nick to increase her life insurance, he insists. At one point, Amy is heard in an ominous voice-over saying, "The man of my dreams. This man of mine may truly … kill me." Did she predict her own fate? Or prevent it?

The mystery will begin unraveling next month when "Gone Girl" opens the New York Film Festival on Sept. 26, marking the movie's world premiere. Fincher previously opened the fest with "The Social Network" in 2010; that film went on to win three Academy Awards.

Twentieth Century Fox will release "Gone Girl" a week after its NYFF debut, on Oct. 3.

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