'Rock the Kasbah' trailer: Bill Murray is down and out in Afghanistan

Bill Murray plays another quirky misfit in the first trailer for 'Rock the Kasbah'

Bill Murray has demonstrated his singing prowess on the big screen in the past, but the new trailer for "Rock the Kasbah" finds him on the other side of the microphone as a down-and-out music manager.

Set for release Oct. 23 from Open Road Films, "Kasbah" tells the story of Richie Lanz (Murray), a washed-up rock manager who takes his last remaining client, a pop starlet played by Zooey Deschanel, on a USO tour of Afghanistan.

Somehow, Richie's pitch — "You will play in front of 2,000 horny soldiers," he promises — fails to impress her, and she absconds with his money, wallet and passport, effectively stranding him in the desert on the way to Kabul. Pulling himself up by the bootstraps, he befriends some colorful characters, discovers an Afghan girl with an exceptional voice (Leem Lubany) and decides to shepherd her to stardom.

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The cast includes Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson and Scott Caan. Barry Levinson directed.

For Murray, "Rock the Kasbah" promises to offer up another of the quirky-yet-melancholy misfits he has come to specialize in as an actor. (See also: "St. Vincent," "Lost in Translation," his collaborations with Wes Anderson.)

The movie also marks a reunion for Murray and screenwriter Mitch Glazer, who penned "Scrooge" and is a favorite target of Murray's pranks.

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